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Our Story

Dragonfly : Hope, Change, Love

The Dragonfly symbolizes many things, most notably change and transformation for a deeper meaning of Life.  The Dragonfly can be a vision of good luck.  It can also serve as a powerful awaking that your life is about to experience change. It is these things that we strive to bring you through experiencing our products. We invite you to love our products and begin change in your life.

We are a Hemp Farm located in beautiful Tennessee.  We believe in choosing safe, natural products to enhance your life. Our team goes above and beyond to ensure Safety and Quality, offering Indoor Premium Hemp Flower and Outdoor Bulk flower for CBD oils and infusions. We have a passion for growing, and use Hemp for support of common aging and emotional needs. 

All of our products are 3rd Party tested by ISO and DEA certified Labs to ensure Safety.  

Our premium 100% Natural product offering includes Hemp Flower and Pre Rolls that are specialty grown from our Indoor Craft Hemp. With constant hands on care, we can ensure you receive the highest quality of Flower.  Vegan, Non GMO, and Hand Trimmed.  Our Pre Rolls never include Leaves, Stems, or Trim.

We also cultivate 100% Natural outdoor grown Hemp, which is also Vegan and Non GMO.  This can be purchased in bulk to make your own CBD oils and infusions.  *Next available crop will be FALL 2023.  

Future planning.  As much as we like to help people, we LOVE to help pets and are active in supporting our Rescue community. We are presently in the process of researching products that are Safe and Effective to support common pet ailments.  

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